Online Number Games

Numbers, usually you either love them or hate them, which side you come down on depends on the experiences that you had during your school and classroom days. Looking at the top numbers games available online will change your view of numbers and you will find that they can be fun.

Most numbers games are usually based on simple arithmetic, but often against a timer to make sure that your grey matter is working well. The game ‘Numbers’ for instance gives you a target number on the right hand side, then all you have to do is click on the numbers on the board that add up to it. Sounds simple, but panic can set in when the clock is ticking.

Did you know, that as well as being fun it has been proven that playing logic and numbers puzzles helps to keep the brain active no matter how old or young you are. Along this theme, Sudoku took the world by storm a few years ago when it became well known amongst much of the western world. It is has been said “The number placement game so addictive that it has caused people to miss their train stops”. click here

Another variety of the number game is called ‘Arith 24’, you take the face value of playing cards, and by multiplying, adding or dividing them by each other you have to get them to add up to the value of the target card, not too dissimilar to countdown in games logic, except with playing cards. This one is also good if you play card games regularly.

Number guessing is one of the top games that requires no number skills at all. You are presented with a board of numbers from 1 to 99 and by a series of ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers the game guesses the number that you have selected, which is impressive and works as long as you don’t cheat and change your number halfway through. You can also read about how it works, but it might spoil the fun!

If problem solving is your thing (and some people really enjoy a challenge) Why not try Combination Lock, you have to find out the numbers that open the padlock in this game that could have you scratching your head. You figure out the combination by using the number clues the game gives, it works through a process of elimination, and should you find it easy you can get the game to crank up harder puzzles.

The popularity of number games is here to stay, this is a good thing as it has been clinically proven that playing these games keeps you mentally fit. They should be looked upon as the exercise equipment in the Brain Gym!

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